Adaptation RGPD

It saves time in the implementation of the RGPD.

  • You do not have a developer Web specialized in WordPress.
  • You do not have the necessary knowledge.
  • You must spend your time to other necessities.

Once you have your texts preparations, I I am in charge of the rest.

It includes

  • To update page of policy of privacy, information of cookies and legal warning.
  • To install system of cookies with acceptance.
  • To add to first layer of information and check with registry in DB in form of commentaries
  • To add to first layer of information and check with registry in DB in forms of contact or another type (estimated, support, etc.)
  • Anonimizar IP in forms of contact and Google Analitycs
  • To update forms of newsletter to add to first layer of information and acceptance of policies
  • To form plugin of security that makes difficult the breaches of data
  • To form plugin of monitoring that monitors the activity of the users to detect breaches of data
  • To add certificate SSL and to activate redirection by defect to serve in HTTPS
  • All the requirements for stores online

It does not include

  • Writing of legal texts. That prepares your lawyer or adviser.
  • Communications in the AEPD
  • Models of contracts, clauses, agreements, forms of cancellation, etc.
  • Programming to size, everything will be realised already by means of plugins and adapting existing functions in theme of website.
  • Correction or text adaptation copied of another site.
  • Repairs after changes done by the user when changing of theme, installing others plugins, etc.

You don't have texts?

I recommend the APP to you of LEXblogger

Adaptation RGPD

Technical implementation in WordPress

From only

It requests information without commitment

  • This field is a validation field and must be without changes.

Person in charge: Raúl Sáez Ruiz (servant)
Purpose: to manage the request that you realise through this form of contact.
Legitimation: your consent.
Adressees: the data that you facilitate to me will be located in the servers of Cubenode (supplier of hosting of within the EU. To see policy of privacy of Cubenode.
Rights: you will be able to exert your rights, among others, to accede, to rectify, to limit and to suppress your data.