WordPress maintenance.

I want that you be not worried of all the technical details and the maintenance Web. I am in charge of hosting, domain, updates, security, optimization of speed, copies, to bring up to date contained, etc. so that you can concentrate in your business.

service maintenance wordpress

How long you lose in the maintenance of your Web with WordPress? 

You do not need technical knowledge, leaves your Web in hands that take care of her, saves time and you will be able to dedicate you to the really important thing for you: YOUR BUSINESS.

It remembers the Murphy's laws; the problems arrive at the worse moment.

  • You think that never it passes nothing, you do not need this service
  • When it happens you look for somebody with haste, or you do not know and that know he is not available
  • Meanwhile losing visits, contacts, sales…

Advantages to have the service


You will not be only, efficiency is to manage your business, I I take care than better to become.


Emergency: you have to who to go? You will have answer and solution in a few hours.


I will avoid that it happens some disaster, but happens, is necessary to act to solve it quickly.


The slow Webs make lose clients and in addition they do not position in Google. I can fix it.


Outside your lodging. Backups it is necessary to have them in 2 different locations as minimum. Weekly, daily and even hour.


With proven compatibility so that nothing is broken and it is all insurance.

How it works?

  • Initial revision and analysis of the present state.
  • We prepare list of tasks with priorities according to urgency.
  • An intervention every time, small 30 activities of min: adjustments, repairs, configuration, to raise a content, updates, etc.
  • You send it to me by email and I do it shortly. According to the support level, I will be able to take care of it before.
  • Normally they are solved in less than 8h of Monday through Friday. The weekend according to urgency.
  • If in addition contracts my hosting, we have a total control of all the machinery, the inseparable set WordPress + Hosting. Result: more speed of load, more compatible, more surely and more centralized without intervention of third parties factors.

Your plan of maintenance chooses


To the month
The minimum for maintenance of Blogs and Webs of entrepreneurs or small businesses.
  • Support by email 24/7
  • Minijobs monthly: 1
  • Hosting with 1Gb of space
  • Recovery of disasters and emergency
  • Updates of WordPress
  • Backups daily
  • Monitoring
  • Monthly information
  • Response time: 1-2 days
  • FREE: premium access to plugins and groups
  • Do you have left yourself short? Amplíalo


To the month
Entrepreneurs, SMEs and eCommerce with Webs that generate income, by far traffic, content and functionalities.
  • All the one of plan STARTER
  • Minijobs monthly: limitless
  • Hosting with 1Gb of space
  • Support by chat or telephone
  • Backups every 4 hours
  • Response time: 12 hours
  • Session by Skype for WordPress consultancy, doubts, formation…
  • Optimization of speed and SEO
  • Pursuit and customized suggestions without you ask to me
  • FREE: premium access to plugins and groups
  • You need more Gb space? Ask to me
The prices do not include IVA.
Without permanence, you can be terminated when you want.
I only love happy clients, if to the 15 days you do not like the service I give back the 100% to you without questions.

It includes

  • To solve doubts exceeds what plugins to use.
  • Protection before the danger, attacks, threats and malware.
  • Backups of files and data base every few hours
  • Gratuitous restorations, preparation to recover any loss, with backups external.
  • To accelerate the Web, WPO so that the rule of the 3 seconds in which the visitors go away, is not applied to your Web.
  • Revision of broken connections, before it penalizes the SEO to you.
  • Monitoring, if it happens some error or fall, is acted quickly.
  • Improvements SEO on-page.
  • Migrations: changes of domain, hosting, etc. without losing SEO
  • SSL, migrations to https without losing SEO and improving it.
  • Updates of all the installation: Core of WordPress, plugins and soles
  • Initial revision of all the Web to see what optimize and by where beginning to improve the Web.
  • Premium Plugins valued in more of 450€.

It does not include

  • Maintenance of several Webs, only 1.
  • Updates of plugins and themes without license, otherwise I cannot update.
  • Creation of the content. I can introduce what you send to me (texts, photos, videos…) but not to invent it to me.
  • Purchases of plugins, groups or services of third parties.
  • Functionalities, fields and code to size.
  • Management of social networks.
  • Space in some service of the cloud.
  • Simultaneous tasks: only every time, another one cannot be approached until giving by closed the previous one.
  • Great changes, redesign, migrations of content, integrations and any other great task that must be budgeted to part.

Frequent questions

If you have some doubt more, ask to me!

A task, each one of the small works that will realise in your Web and that you solicit to me.

Your you request it, I I do it.

They are limited concrete tasks, of a single step and attainable in about 15-30 minutes.

According to the contracted plan you have a maximum response time, although always usually it is before.

Card or debit so that you be not worried. I will every month send the invoice to you or of annual form in case of annual hiring.

Of the fastest form, effective and productive; by email. You will have my high-priority email to write to me and so it is at any moment. Of precise form we can arrange an appointment by Skype to treat some doubts, tasks and consultancy in the advanced plan.

One is small tasks, reason why one would be small pills of formation for concrete tasks where by means of video or text I explain you since I do it so that to the next one you do them. If you need a more complete formation, we can see it.

Clearly, you are 15 to cancel after the hiring and I give back the money without trouble to you. I only love happy clients with my help.

Without trouble, although perhaps some things we cannot make them (backups, optimization, etc.) according to the limitations of the contracted service and when entering game third parts well.

Clearly, there is no permanence. Although if you consider that the service is not for you, we can adapt it and do something to your measurement.

Whenever one is small modifications updates of content, slight adjustments and improvements, small tasks of half an hour. Changes of greater spread we will approach them as project with his analysis, phases, terms, etc. which will have to be budgeted to part.

Each plan only covers a project, if you have several you will have to contract several plans. Thus in each case you can contract a plan that better adapts according to the necessary thing in each case. If you have several Webs I can prepare a proposal to you to improve price and details of the plans, a solution to size.

Clear therefore it tests, you can try and change of plan or modality when you want.

Thus it is, years ago I no longer bet by WordPress and work with other managers of content. If you have another system, tell your project me and we can study a change.

I have several servers dedicated in Spain, where to lodge the Webs that I make and give this maintenance service, etc. Count me what you need and we see that option adapts better to your case.

I will be carrying out small tasks with which little by little it will be improving the speed of your Web, the margin usually is high but it will depend on the group which you use, plugins installed and of hosting that you have. The speed of load is something that google and the user value more and more, is already a factor as important SEO as others.

In implementing the best practices at technical level to obtain the good SEO On Page in your Web.

With the proactive pursuit I will analyze your Web and I will propose improvements, changes, etc. to you to optimize the Web and to improve your business without the need that you ask to me. The consultancy is so that you ask what you want, for example that to service of email marketing to me to contract, that plugin to use, as changing things in the Web, etc.

WordPress and the Plugins are software that needs to be updated by the improvements that they include and to avoid vulnerabilities. I am in charge to update them, weekly safely proven and with backups so that nothing in your Web is broken.

We spoke?

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