Course of Elementor

You would like to design with Elementor?

I am designing this course, with which you will learn to design your Web without depending on anybody and knowing how to program.

  • I will teach how work to you with Elementor in my day to day, the best visual publisher
  • Course 100% I practice, seeing step by step with videos your rate
  • We will begin from 0, preparing WordPress, adjustments and plugins
  • We will lean in Astra, best theme to work with Elementor
  • You will have my support with premium access to groups and plugins

Aim to you and I will warn to you as soon as it has it ready

Person in charge: Raúl Sáez
Purpose: To share with you my knowledge and promotions and to solve doubts that you have.
Legitimation: Your informed consent.
Adressee: My personal mail in Gmail and Mailchimp where they store to the subscribers and refugee to the Privacy Shield.
Rights: Access, rectification, limitation and suppression of your data if you request it to me.


  • Ask to me and I will solve any doubt to you on the course.
  • Tell what delays me of the course or in which it could help you exactly.
  • You are photographer? Web for photographers” with plugins will be a called bonus “necessary.
  • What you will obtain with the course? Sight - > some examples