Consultancy and help

If you have a project in mind but you do not know how to begin or already you have sent it but you have remained suspended, these consulting services are for you. I will show how to obtain clients to you and to make profitable your business through services for specific needs.

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WordPress emergency

Has Your Web stopped working? Has the group been updated and has everything been unsquared? You have seen something in another Web that you would want to have right now in yours? You do not worry, everything is possible to be solved.


Every time there is more competition and less market for companies and professionals. You want to be different itself from the rest and to be the first name that comes to the mind of any possible client? It leaves helps you to differentiate to you.

design wordpress
Consultancy 3

Specific SEO

A connection, a keyword or a revision of SEO On Page can be the difference between appearing in the third page of Google or in first. You only need a concrete action to obtain it.


A slow Web will not like your client, it will make you lose sales and it will put serious difficulties to you to be able to position in Google. I will cause that your Web is fast and that is prepared to turn the movable traffic.

service maintenance wordpress
Consultancy 5

Plan of social networks

Your company has accounts in many social networks, but you are not able to grow nor to generate sales through them. With a strategic plan of Social Average you will discover how to obtain it.

Complete audit Web

You do not need a specific service. You want that your Web improves in all the aspects and that somebody with experience reviews your idea of business.

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You have some doubt?

I am wishing to speak with you.