Hello! I am Raúl Sáez

Designer Freelance Web

I created our Hosting to help you to create or to improve your webpage, you are a small business or a professional, so that your presence in Internet emphasizes to size creating or improving your webpage with WordPress for you. Not only that, we are also advising you to use vps hosting in order to make your website appear even more. Or, you can also use other type of hosting that is useful and match with your requirements. One of the example is, you can use unlimited web hosting if you need a lot of bandwidth or storage, etc.

Raul transformation designer Web

I will create the webpage about which always you dreamed and I will teach to you to use it. A specific Web for your niche or company, prepared for mobiles and SEO, with design present and easy to maintain thanks to WordPress, so that you do not depend on anybody.

If or you have Web but it does not give results, it gives problems you, he is old fashioned or you need that it orders of the maintenance and the support to me, I I am in charge of everything so that you can concentrate in letting grow your business.

Why to work with me?

Because I know than I speak

Behind Think Focus there is no a great equipment, I am I. I have been years working in the sector of marketing online, know the tendencies, I know what works nowadays.

Because I will be one more in your project

I am not a multinational that tries to the clients as numbers. I establish a special relationship with each client and cause that their preoccupations are mine.

Because I do not only leave you

I give formation to each client so that it learns to use and to take advantage of each his Web. As what it serves to give a great tool if later it is not known to use? And protect your business with the best dedicated server that we have.

They have trusting in me

Other services


I give formation to each client so that it learns to use and to take advantage of each his Web. I can make a diagnosis of your Web, you can consult what you want to me on as doing something, etc. we make a Skype?

Adjustment RGPD

It saves time in the implementation of the RGPD. If you do not have a developer Web specialized in WordPress, you do not have the necessary knowledge mainly and, you must dedicate to your time to other necessities… I I am in charge.


Hosting of high performance with discs SSD, for any type of project and my customized support. Servers in Spain and optimized for WordPress.

Optimization of speed

One of the main factors for the SEO, is the times of load. If your Web goes slow, it does not position. Leave me that it helps you to that flies and raises the first positions.

What say on my?

Thanks to Raul I have been able to give him to Web the professionalism touch that needed.

Its work has been very fast and fluid, but mainly he has been very professional. Raul has really been interested in my business and he has helped to find the best solution me to emphasize the best thing of him.

After working with Raul, I only have gratefulness words to surpass my expectations and to help me in each question at any moment that was to me arising by the way.
Laura Llorente
Editor in www.laurallorente.com
As person in charge of Marketing in AIP Languages, I have to say that it is a pleasure to collaborate with WhmcsDesigns in matters of consultancy and Marketing Online. Its attention and availability are almost immediate and I believe that together we have grown much as professionals of Internet.
Fernando Ribas
Person in charge of Marketing in AIP Languages
It wanted to transform my webpage and I put myself in touch with Raul to study its proposals. It wanted a personal design and of aspect clean, easy to sail and to read for the user, to whom to offer a professional service as photographer. Everything was very fast and agile thanks to the communication by email and finally we had a small customized course by webcam to learn and to manage my Web completely.
white Eduardo transformation
Eduardo Blanco
Photographer - www.ebmfoto.com
The things must work yes or yes. Think Focus has given confidence, security, and professionalism me in a so friendly and near atmosphere as effective. To have Raul there, has changed to my Web and my way to communicate. That simple and real. Not always I have had the same luck. Thanks.
blond Mario transformation
Mario Rubio
Director in Photographer Nocturne
The experience that in AEFONA we have had with WhmcsDesigns cannot better be. A personal, professional and kind treatment at any moment, resolving our doubts quickly, aspect that stops we is key. Raul is freelance a highly recommendable one for any profile of client who looks for a good image in Internet.
Pablo transformation aefona
Pablo Bou
President of AEFONA
I contacted Raul so that he helped me to migrate my Web to WordPress. Before contracting his services it made a diagnosis of my Web and it proposed a work plan to me that allowed me to have a functional and optimized Web. It did an impeccable work in design and my site was far better than it was before. I am thankful for and I recommend his services.
Design Web and Maintenance WordPress 16
Karina Ausecha
Consultant branding and communication - www.karinaausecha.com

You have some doubt?

I am wishing to speak with you.